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What is tnerit?

tnerit is an online rental marketplace in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), allowing for seamless Borrower and Lender transactions. Based in Dubai, tnerit seeks to provide a platform wherein users can benefit from both earning and/or saving money simultaneously.

You can browse items listed by Lenders under various categories such as: Apparel, Appliances, Books, Electronics, Home, Garden & DIY, Music & Musical Instruments, and much more. Whether you’re renting a barbecue kit from Josh in the building next door, or a Halloween costume from a Lender living or working nearby, tnerit aims to ensure that resources are accessible to its users; because you don’t have to own it all, to have it all. The platform is currently accessible via the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Lending in 4 steps

Upload photos and tell us more about your item.

Accept the Borrower's rent request(s).

Communicate with the Borrower for pick-up/drop-off.

Rate the Borrower and enjoy your earnings!


Borrowing in 4 steps

Check out items across a wide range of categories.

Check for availability, lock in your dates and submit your rent request.

Communicate with the Lender for pick-up/drop-off.

Rate the Lender and continue saving!


Why use tnerit?


Verified Users

User’s Emirates ID and Mobile Number must be verified before listing an item and borrowing it.

User Ratings

Borrowers and Lenders rate each other at the end of every rental period.


We’ve got your items covered against damage for up to USD 10,000 as well as any harm suffered, or injury sustained during the rental period.

Earn and Save

Earn money by listing your items and save by renting instead of buying.

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© TNERIT L.L.C 2021 All rights reserved.