First, ensure that your “Payout” details have been filled in correctly (UAE Bank Accounts only). On the rent expiry day or if a Borrower cancels during an active rent, you’ve got to click on “Item Returned” in order for us to update your Account Balance. tnerit processes your payout request once you choose to withdraw an amount (in AED) earned from rentals, which is displayed in Withdrawals à Account Balance. The minimum amount you can withdraw is AED 116 (Note: this includes a transfer fee of AED 16). Here’s an example: 

You’ve rented out your barbecue set for the weekend (Friday & Saturday) and earned AED 300. Then, you’ve requested to withdraw AED 300, your payout will be AED 284 (AED 300 – AED 16 = AED 284).  

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