• Listed: all your items that are either pending approval or live on tnerit, regardless of whether they’re rented out or not. If you click on an item, you’ll be able to edit the Photos, Missing Components and Parts, Condition, Price Per Day & Discount Pricing, Quantity, Rent Duration, Rent Notice, Location, and you can also delete your item.  
  • Upcoming: items you’re about to rent out soon (go Lender!).  
  • Active: rented out items that are currently with the Borrower (active rents).  
  • Pending: items that you have yet to accept rent requests for.  
  • You Cancelled: rents that you’ve cancelled.  
  • Borrower Cancelled: rents that the Borrower cancelled.
  • Expired: items that you’ve rented out in the past.  

Note: You can’t delete an item that you’ve already accepted to be rented out (in “Upcoming”) and/or an item that is currently rented out. You also can’t delete an item in Expired before clicking on Item Returned we’d like to update your Account Balance first!

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© TNERIT L.L.C 2021 All rights reserved.