How can I list my item?

Before you can list your item, your mobile number, Emirates ID, Professional/Trade License, and Tax Registration Number (if applicable) must be verified. Once that’s done, ensure that you’re on Lender Mode and click on “Add Item” or “+”. What’s required? Proof of ownership (receipts of the item you’ve purchased or you’ll have to declare your

I’ve tried to add a photo to my approved listing but it’s not live yet, why?

In addition to approving new listings, tnerit also reviews any new photo you’ve uploaded to your existing listing. If approved (within 6hrs of uploading a new photo), your new photo will go live on tnerit. Note: a grey “✓” will be placed on a photo that hasn’t been approved yet and a pink “✓” will

How do I set a Price Per Day (in AED) for my item?

tnerit recommends that it’s best to price your item (Price Per Day) between 5-8% of the item’s retail price. For example, if you own a bicycle that you’ve purchased for AED 1,500.00 (item retail price), we suggest you price your item (Price Per Day) on tnerit somewhere between AED 75.00 and AED 120.00. This doesn’t

How do I ensure that my item photos are high quality?

As a Lender, this is crucial! Our advice is to put yourself in the Borrowers’ shoes. Hint: if the camera on your smartphone isn’t that great, use a professional camera instead. The more photos you upload (minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 photos), the higher the chances are of you attracting potential Borrowers! Placing

What types of items can I list on tnerit?

Anything! As long as it’s legal. We keep updating our list of categories and subcategories for you, but if you feel we’re a bit slow, feel free to “Reach us” on the app or website to let us know!

Can I decline a rent request?

It’s your item, you own it, and you make the final call. We suggest you update your calendar (available/blocked days) for each item so that Borrowers can stay up to date too! Note: if you don’t accept a rent request within 6hrs, the rent request will be automatically deleted.

How do cancellations work? 

You can cancel a rent request from a Borrower for your item by clicking “✘” before accepting it, at no cancellation charge.   If you cancel less than 48hrs from the rent start date a 30% cancellation charge will apply, and if you cancel less than 24hrs from the rent start date a 40% cancellation charge

How do I get paid?

First, ensure that your “Payout” details have been filled in correctly (UAE Bank Accounts only). On the rent expiry day or if a Borrower cancels during an active rent, you’ve got to click on “Item Returned” in order for us to update your Account Balance. tnerit processes your payout request once you choose to withdraw

What does Transaction History show me?

As a Lender, you’ll be able to view each payout transferred, all your cancellation charges, and all compensations.

What can I do with my Calendar?

We love our Calendar, it’s simple and efficient. Click on a date (or multiple dates) and there you go – you have the option to make your item available or not and change the Price Per Day, as well as the item quantity.   Hypothetical situation: Sarah conducted some research and found out that Borrowers on

What are all those things in My Stuff?

Listed: all your items that are either pending approval or live on tnerit, regardless of whether they’re rented out or not. If you click on an item, you’ll be able to edit the Photos, Missing Components and Parts, Condition, Price Per Day & Discount Pricing, Quantity, Rent Duration, Rent Notice, Location, and you can also

What happens if I click “Item Returned”?

You will be directed to the Item Inspection screen, wherein you’ll be asked to provide details such as photos of the item upon return as well as any comments. Once this is completed, the Borrower will be notified that you’ve received the item. We’ll only update your Earnings and Account Balance once you’ve completed your

Fancy “Stats”, how can they help me?

Stats allow you to view your progress on tnerit by displaying information that’ll help you monitor and develop your activities! They include: your Earnings (received and expected in addition to yearly details), your items’ Views, and your Account Balance. 

What if an item I rented out to a Borrower was stolen?

If all attempts to communicate with the Borrower fail, the Lender should report the case to the relevant authorities (Police Departments in the Emirate where the rent took place). tnerit is not responsible for any theft of an item rented out by a Lender. For further information, refer to tnerit’s terms and conditions. tnerit would

What if an item I rented out to a Borrower is damaged during an active rent?

We’ve got you covered for damage, please refer to tnerit’s Insurance Coverage Summary to know more. 

What happens if the Borrower fails to return the item on time?

Although at times delays are inevitable, the Borrower must adhere to the agreed upon item return time. If the Borrower fails to do so, we encourage you to rate the Borrower accordingly.

What happens if the Borrower is late or fails to pick up the item from me?

If the Borrower is late to pick up the item from you, you could either decide to proceed with the rent or cancel the rent. If you decide not to proceed with the rent, you can use the “Reach us” function on the app or website to cancel the rent.  If the Borrower fails to

Is my item insured if it’s damaged while being rented out of the UAE?

Yes, provided that you’ve given the item to the Borrower in the UAE and you gave written permission to the Borrower for that item to be taken out of the UAE.

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